The Navy Goes Green

December 6, 2016 - John Legend 12/06/2016 Views: 24,637

Hasan Minhaj finds out why some Republican legislators are fighting the U.S. Navy's use of biofuel, despite the fact that it's environmentally friendly and cost effective. (4:14)

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The U.S. Militaryis the biggest,

baddest military on the planet,

but is that big badness at risk?

Hasan Minhaj reports.

MINHAJ: The U.S. Navy is a badass fighting force

known for power, speed and synchronized dancing.

And now they're developing crazy new technology,

like rail guns, laser cannons and...

The Great Green Fleetis what they're calling it.

MINHAJ: So I hopped on board

one of these badass green fighting machines

to check out what makes it so powerful.


That doesn't sound very badass.

-I think biofuels is prettyintimidating. -No.

Oh, God.

The navy was transforming from this...

into this.

I wanted to help put the pants back on our military,

so I went all the way to the secretary of the navy.

-♪ -(explosions)

We're buying biofuels made outof animal by-products,

made out of used cooking oil,

made out of agriculture waste,algae.

You're running a $750 million

ship of destruction

-on algae, and almond butter?-Yes.

This is what the navy's gonnalook like in ten years.

It looks like Bonnaroo.

Wh-what in the world is that?

-Is-is that a doobie, or... ?-Yeah. That's a doobie.

That destroyerthat's running on green fuel

makes the navybetter war fighters.

MINHAJ: We Americans love the military,

but even normally strong-on-defense,

pro-military Republicans were trying to...

Put a stop to this nonsense.

MINHAJ: From states like Colorado.

My amendment ends this wastefuland dangerous practice.

MINHAJ: California.

As if it's possible to fight anenvironmentally sensitive war.

MINHAJ: And Oklahoma.

How can anyone justify

this so-called greeningof the military?

MINHAJ: Exactly.

The navy's job is hunting down ISIS,

not polishing solar panels.

This is biofueland this is regular fuel.

You want to use the one thatgives you the combat advantage.

That's definitely this one,

because this onewill get me amped,

and it'll make mewant to punch a cop.

-That's why I love Rockstar.-(bell dings)

That one,the engines last longer.

The most vulnerable timefor a navy ship

is when it's refueling.

And so, by using biofuels,

we're staying out at sea

weeks longer doing our job.

MINHAJ: But Republicans know this is just a part of...

-The Obama administration.-The Obama administration.

The Obama administration'spush for green energy.

Actually, these programs startedin the Bush administration.

Wait, what?

Did I just get Scooby Doo'd?

This isn't a partisan issue;this isn't a political issue.

When the climate changes,our responsibilities change.

As sea levels rise, as theice melts in the Arctic,

you're gonna see nationsdisappearing, perhaps.

It's a real threat.

But you guys are on boats.

Boats float, silly.

Bases don't float.

Look, the Department of Defenseuses more fossil fuels

than any place else on Earth,

but because we're using this,

all of a sudden, we're notdependent on fossil fuels.

MINHAJ: Not dependent on fossil fuels?

That's terrible for oil states

like Colorado, Oklahoma and California.

Wait a second. Why do those states sound so familiar?


Their lawmakers are the ones fighting biofuel,

and no wonder they're so upset.

Not only could they lose oil money,

but they could lose an even more precious resource:

campaign checks from oil companies.

You're turning your backon special interests,

and you're saying, hey,you're not special anymore.

I hope so.

We can't afford

to fall behind in technology.

If we stayed with what we had,

we'd still be using sails.

MINHAJ: I guess these ships are pretty badass.

Choppers, energy-generating suits,

this Titanic- obsessed Marine's sketch of my naked body.

Maybe a green military future won't taste so bad.

Tastes pretty good.

That's awful.

Tastes like I'm drinkinga car battery.