Trump Supporters Take On Voter Fraud

November 8, 2016 - Election Night Special 11/08/2016 Views: 75,169

Desi Lydic finds out how Donald Trump supporters plan to combat the nonexistent scourge of voter fraud on Election Day. (5:04)

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The last few weeks,

a lot of people have beentalking about a rigged election.

-Now I wish they were right.-(laughter)

Well, a few people were talkingabout it, to be honest.

Well, actually, one person.

Donald Trump, no one else.

No one else seriously believesthat it's possible,

not even other Republicans.

But that didn't stop Trumpfrom urging his followers

to remain vigilant.

So the question is, who werethe noble poll watchers

that heeded his call?

Well, Desi Lydic reports.

LYDIC: Mr. Trump said election day, voter fraud

would be rampant, and urged supporters to watch the polls.

Go around and lookand watch other polling places.

LYDIC: I headed to a Trump rally to meet these brave volunteers

and find out what they'd be looking for.

Mr. Trump has been talking

about watching the pollsfor voter fraud.

What should we be watching for?

Puerto Ricans, Hispanicsin there voting several times.

-Oh, really? Puerto Ricans andHispanics? -Oh, yes. Hispanics.

What is itabout the Puerto Ricans?

-They're not immigrants.-Mm-hmm.

-They're invaders.-Hmm.

They're HispanicRoman Catholic invaders,

I maintain brought hereby the Roman hierarchy.

-Wow. -And it's not just them.It's gonna be others

that are gonna do it--Hispanics, blacks, left wing,

socialists, communists,pro-homosexual, pro-black,

anti-white, gun-grabbing,

pro-Muslim,all these different factions.

Are you gonna use your whipto stop the invaders?

I don't understand the question.

LYDIC: Thankfully, racist Indiana Jones

had his eyes on the invaders de Puerto Rico.

But other poll watchers were on the lookout

for something much scarier.

Across the street,I have a cemetery.

There's a woman walking aroundwith a clipboard,

and she's writing stuff down

-off of headstones, you know?-Tombstones.

And you hear about that kindof fraud, too,

you know,so that concerns me.

How does something like thathappen? How...?

-Do you think she's going aroundwith a crayon

-and a sheet of paper and...?-I don't know.

I questioned the church, andthey haven't call me back yet.

LYDIC: Yes, Trump's appeal had inspired countless volunteers.

And although comprehensive studies have shown

that voter fraud has only occurred 31 times

in the past billion votes,

the specter of 2012 haunted them.

-There are certain wardsin Philadelphia, okay? -Uh-huh.

That in the last election,I think Romney got zero votes.

The last election, there wereprecincts in Philadelphia

-where Romney had no votes.-Zero.

How can that be?

-'Cause everyone knows...-I just can't...

...Mitt is a man of the streets.

-I can't imagine...-You know what I mean?

LYDIC: While many volunteered to poll-watch as individuals,

one man answered Trump's call to action by pledging

his entire organization, his entire skin-heady

armband-wearing, racial purityish organization.

-What can I call you?-You can call me Jeff.

Jeff the... Nazi? The...?

National Socialist.

-Neo-Nazi? -We're NationalSocialists, White Nationalists.

LYDIC: Right, so, Jeff, the White Nationalist

who just so happens to really like German emojis.

What is it that you would ask

the members ofthe White Nationalist movement

to do on election day?

Basically, we just ask peopleto go to the polling stations

and try to keep an out for anypotential illegal activity.

Basically just a low key...

Um, I don't wantto say advisers.

Low key...


Can't think of the wordI'm looking for.

-(whispering): Suppression?-No.

I don't know.

But, uh, we are askingour people to dress low-key.

You know, we're not telling themuniforms.

We're not telling themsymbolism.

Seems like there are a lotof rules around it.

You're really kind of beinga Nazi about the rules.

And what does election fraudlook like?

Well, this is tough to say,because in the past, you've had

cases where people in graveyardshave been casting votes,

the whole, um, Florida chard.

-The chards on the electionballots in Florida. -Sorry.

-Chodes. I think it's chodes.-Chodes? Right.

The chode issue in Floridawith the ballots.

You know, these are all thingsthat, uh...

that are of a concernto all Americans.

LYDIC: Who could forget the hanging chodes of 2000?

For weeks, investigators counted bags of chodes,

examining chode after chode for irregularities.

But with the White Nationalists making sure that the polls

were all white... all right,

Jeff's favorite candidate was certain to win.

Donald Trump--

now we're not endorsing himofficially per se.

What is your idealpresidential candidate?

What, like,in a perfect, perfect world?

-Perfect world.-Perfect world?

A staunch, uh, nationalist,

someone that wantsto bring back American jobs,

someone that wantsto close the borders,

someone that wants to bring backthis American glory.

Someone who's gonnamake America great again.

We do want someone that's gonnamake America great again.

Trump seems like the appropriatecandidate for you.

He wants to get the Muslims out,

he wantsto get the Mexicans out,

he wants to bringthe European supermodels in.

All sounds good to me.

LYDIC: I'm sure it does.

Any final words, Jeff, the White Nationalist?

I want to touchon the Jews, too,

because we wantto disclude him.

LYDIC: Okay, yeah, he's a Nazi.