#HashItOut with Franchesca Ramsey - Bill O'Reilly Waters Down White House Slavery

July 27, 2016 - Eliana Johnson 07/27/2016 Views: 8,506

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly takes issue with Michelle Obama's statement that slaves built the White House, and Franchesca Ramsey sets the record straight. (4:26)

Welcome back.

Now, while the glass ceilingmay have been shattered

last night,hearts are still shattering

over Michelle Obama'sspeech from Monday.

I wake up every morning in ahouse that was built by slaves.

And I watch my daughters,

two beautiful, intelligent,

black young women,playing with their dogs

on the White House lawn.


I'm not crying.

I'm just allergic.

Well, this speech wasn't just

a reflection of her timeas first lady.

It spoke to how farwe've come as a nation,

but Bill O'Reilly thoughthe should make a clarification

on a key racial issue.

Michelle Obama is essentiallycorrect in citing slaves

as builders of the White House,

but there were others workingas well.

Slaves that worked there werewell fed and had decent lodgings

provided by the government.



Your takeaway about slavery

is that they were well fed?


(in Southern accent):Thank you, Massa O'Reilly,

for-for-for clarifying meabout slavery.

-(applause, cheering)-I appreciate that.

Oh, oh, you know what, sir?

If'n I could read,I sure would wants to read

your book about killing Lincoln.

Course I ain't allowed to read,seeing as I'm a slave and all,

but sounds to me like he did

the wrong thingby freeing them slaves.

How you gonna free...

(laughing):how you gonna free people

with a full belly?

See, my slave bit is startingto wear off already.

Now, I don't know what's worse,that Bill O'Reilly Fox-splained

slavery or that people all overthe Internet needed him to.

For more, we turnto nightly show contributor

Franchesca Ramsey

with another installmentof #HashItOut.

(cheering and applause)

Thanks, Larry.

So, apparently, some peopleare upset that black people

are in the White Houseand that some black people

built the White House.

Check out some of these Tweets.

"Fact check: The White Housewas not built by slaves.

Only one third of the workerswere slaves."

Fact check: Putting "fact check"

in front of a bull(bleep) quote,doesn't make it a fact.

(whooping and applause)

And if only one-thirdof the workers were slaves,

that means the White Housewas built by slaves.

(cheers and applause)

That just means only two-thirdsof the workers

got to go home at night.

That's how fractions work.

But maybe you stopped payingattention to fractions

after the three-fifthscompromise.

(applause, cheering)

"Slaves didn't buildthe White House,

carpenters did."

This is going to blow your mind.

Some of the slaveswere also carpenters.

Just like Bill O'Reillycan be a TV personality

and a condescending asshole.

(cheers and applause)

"The White Housewas not built solely,

or even primarily by slaveswho were paid for work."

First of all,is that a Dr. Evil meme?

This meme is old enough to vote.

Not solely built by slaves?

Can please get out of here

with this #AllJobsMatter(bleep)?

But I get it.

You do these mental gymnastics

because it's uncomfortableto acknowledge this country

was built in part by slaves,

and that we benefitfrom their work.

But what else do you thinkthey were doing?

"We Shall Overcome" isn't a songabout how hard it is

to play the banjo.

And the worst part,

if you hadn't been so caught upon the word "slavery,"

you would have realizedthat Michelle Obama

was saying something positive.

Yes, the White Housewas built by slaves,

which is why it's sucha big deal

that we have a black president.

If you have a problem with this,

then I'm going to guess it onlyis because of who is saying it,

so let me try and put this intowords that you can understand.

(with accent):"I wake up every morning...

(cheers and applause)

...in a house thatwas built by slaves."

Is that better?

No, it's not better!

Franchesca Ramsey, everybody!

We'll be right back.

No! I don't want to hear that,Franchesca!