Exploring Philadelphia

July 29, 2016 - Cory Booker 07/29/2016 Views: 3,689

Roy Wood Jr. and Ronny Chieng explore DNC host city Philadelphia to find out how local entertainment venues and eateries are accommodating new visitors. (3:25)

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it's, uh,it's the last night

of our four nights herein Philly.

Uh, so, you know,when a city hosts a convention,

you know that for a brief period

they're gonna changeall sorts of things.

Public transportation will beaffected, uh, traffic patterns,

uh, and getting turnt,as Roy Wood Jr. reports.

WOOD: Pennsylvania Democrats passed a new law,

but not some boring policy (bleep),

they cooked up a loophole to push last call to 4:00 a.m.

Not for everybody, though.

Just for DNC delegates.

Good times.

I have two beers.

BOTH:Two beers.

Yeah, twice as much privilege.


Double up on the privilege.

All right.

What about the peoplewho can't get in?

Have to stop drinking at 2:00.

(bleep) them all.

WOOD: Man, these Democrats is getting tore up

till 4:00 in the morning and we were getting stuff done,

according to my main man, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.

You do a lot of networking.

For example, someonejust bought me this beer,

and I'm gonna networkwith that person.

Okay, let's role-play.

-You be you.-Okay.

And I'll be another senator.

I want to be a Republicanfrom Alaska.

Why there?

'Cause there ain'tno black people.

Okay, everybodywould vote for me.

-Okay, okay, okay.-Come on.

All right, so,show me how networking

-happens in these parties.-Want me to start?

-I'll start, okay.-You start.

Hey, Joe.

(Wood grunts)

-Joe.-Vote for my bill.

-Joe, I really love Alaska.-Bro.


And I love you, too.

Vote for my bill.

I'm drunk.

I'm from... I'm from Alaska!

Okay, cool.

It was good networking with you.

Good times.

Yes, this exemption

is hypocritical as hell, man,

but I discovered you can't keep the good people of Philly down.

I always drink past 2:00,though.

I just drink,I don't worry about the laws,

you know what I mean?

WOOD:I understand.

I'm gonna be drunk as hell, bro.

I'm gonna be drinkingright over there--

that garage-- until that time.

You drink in a garage?

Yeah, in a garage.

You politicians have your loopholes, the people of Philly

have theirs, even if it is in a creepy-ass garage.

Thank you so much, Roy.

Thank you so much.

(cheers and applause)

Now, uh...

Now, Ronny Chieng, uh,it-it's his first time in Philly

and, uh, he also took to thestreets, uh, after I asked him

to investigate the scenein Philadelphia.

CHIENG: Yeah, you did send me to investigate, Trevor,

but it was 99 degrees out, and after ten minutes,

the only thing I wanted to investigate was a cold drink.

Can I get some, uh,ice water, please?

We sell water ice.

Ice water.

Water ice.

No, you don't get it.I want ice water.

Well, there's a store for that.The-- we sell wa...

Yeah, this is the storefor that.

No, we sell water ice.

Yeah, why you have a signthat says "Ice water"?

Because it's a Philly thing.

It's frozen dessert!

It's water ice!

Listen, buddy, you can call it adick in a teacup if you want to.

What (bleep) flavor do you want?


Lemon, cherry, chocolate,or pineapple?!

It's not hard!

It's four flavors!

Okay, can you give me cherrywithout the cherry?

I'm not a (bleep) scientist.

I cannot take the flavorout of the waters.

You get it how I give it to you.

What the (bleep)is your problem, man?

Listen, you're way out ofyour (bleep) league here, bro.

Oh, yeah?What are you gonna do about it?

-(bleep) you.-(bleep) you, man.

(bleep) try it and you might(bleep) like it.

I'll (bleep) try it,but if I don't (bleep) like it,

I'm gonna come back thereand kick your (bleep) ass.

That's-- let's go, buddy.

I'm always ready.

That's actually really good.

Yeah, thank you.

Family recipe, 1945.

Can I get, like, a large cherry?

-Yeah.-Cool. Thanks a lot, man.

You're welcome.Have a good day.

Yeah, take care.

(cheers and applause)