Sword Lords of Sorcery

Green Out Season 2, Ep 20 08/23/2016 Views: 1,388

A young boy contacts a webcam girl to join him in a medieval role-playing game. (2:49)

- Hi.

- Well, hello, my name is Crina.

I am loving sex.Are you over 18s?

- Um, yes.

- Good, you are big dick tallman American cowboy.

Enter your credit card numberand I'll make a sexy dance

inside of Dell computer.

- Actually I was hopingwe could play

"Sword Lords of Sorcery."

I have all the books.

I just...don't have any friends.

- This is sex thing?Ten euro extra.

- No, it's not a sex thing.- Five euro.

- "Sword Lords of Sorcery" is apen and paper role-playing game.

Where you're an adventurerexploring magical lands

and battling ancient evil.

The only limit isyour imagination.

- 50 euro.

- Done. Now,the first thing we need to do

is create your character.

What kind of adventurerwould you like to be?

- Cam girl.

- Cam girl isn'ta character class.

You have to pick something else.

- Mafia guywho run webcam site.

- Hmm, okay, that kindof sounds like a thief.

And what is thy name,brave thief?

- Boob.

- Eh, needs more ofa fantasy angle.

- Elf Boob.

- Okay, Elf Boob.

You're standing in The Angry Wyvern,

the seediest tavern in all of Xorth.

An old man with an eye patch sits in the corner.

He beckons you closer with the promise of adventure.

So, Elf Boob, what do you do?

- I do sexy dance for money.

- Uh...okay.

The other patrons look on and--

whoa,confusion and embarrassment!

No one pays you any money!

- Fine, [bleep] them.

I give them finger and leave.

- Before you leave,

the old man beckons you again.

"By the Gods, I know where a thief like you

might earn a fair bit of coin, I do!"

- I show him top of butt and I say,

"Give me credit card, old man,

then you can see whole butt."

- "I am Melichor the Arcane,

and I do not want to see your whole butt.

I wish to tell you of a hidden treasure."

- I give him finger and leave.

- Uh-uh, the old man grabs your arm to stop you.

- Old man touch me?

Well then, I stab him in good eye with nail file.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I wouldn't do thatif I were you.

Melichor'sa super powerful druid.

- Elf Boob not scared!

I stab him in good eyewith nail file!

- Fine, but I wouldn't counton--

What the--[gasp]

Critical hit for...


23 damage!

You killed Melichor.

- Mm. I take old man's credit card.

- He doesn't have a credit card!

Melichor has seven copper pieces

and a magical cloak of stealth!

- Okay, I keep money and throw cloak in garbage.

- Come on!You're not doing it right!

- When you tell me of this game,

what did you say isthe only limit?

- [sigh]Your imagination.

- Exactly, so, ask me againwhat Elf Boob do.

- All right, what do you do?

- I use money to buydrug and lip gloss.

- What?No!

This isa medieval fantasy world!

- Just roll the dice!

- Oh!

[coins clink]

[medieval music]