Muslims Prepare for a Donald Trump Presidency

July 22, 2016 - The RNC Night 4: The Party's Over 07/22/2016 Views: 52,857

Hasan Minhaj asks RNC delegates which states he should visit in case Donald Trump is elected president and enforces his proposed regulations on Muslims. (4:16)

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this is sadlyour final night in Cleveland.

-(audience groans)-Yeah. I know.

It will be sadfor all of us to say good-bye,

but for oneof our correspondents,

he may be saying good-byeto more than just Cleveland.

Hasan Minhaj reports.

MINHAJ: It was time to say good-bye to Cleveland,

and as a Muslim staring down the barrel

of a Trump presidency,

it's time for me to say good-bye to America.

Donald J. Trump is calling fora total and complete shutdown

of Muslimsentering the United States.

What I want isI don't want them to come here.

WOMAN: Donald Trump telling NBC News he would quote,

"certainly implement" a database system

to track Muslims in the U.S.

MINHAJ: Bans? Registries?

Doesn't take a genius to see

he's going to kick my brown ass out of here.

So I decided to say good-bye to my home, the United States,

and all the places I would never get to visit.

What's the best thingabout Wisconsin?

BOTH:The Green Bay Packers.

In Georgia, we have greatwhite water rafting.

I would loveto go white water rafting.

What's the best thingabout Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma Sooners.

Well we call it, "Maui..."(speaking foreign language)

-...which means "Maui is thebest." -Oh, I would love

-to go there sometime.-You're always welcome to come.

I would love to come downand see a game.

Yes. Come.

-I can't.-Why?

I'm a Muslim,and if Donald Trump is elected,

he's probably goingto throw me out.

Oh, I don't think so.

Well, he has already asked fora complete and total showdown

of Muslims entering the country,

and he's askedfor American Muslims

to sign up for a registry.

Well, you kind ofhave to understand

a little bitof where he's coming from.

MINHAJ: Where he's coming from?

Maybe some place like this?

You told CNN, quote,"Islam hates us."

Did you meanall 1.6 billion Muslims?

I mean a lot of them.I mean a lot of them.

MINHAJ: But for some reason,

Republicans don't seem too worried.

He's a guy that shoots offthe hip and says things.

Politically incorrectkind of wild guy.

And sometimes the racist stuffjust comes right off the hip.

It comes off the hip,yeah, yeah.

-What can you do? Bang, bang.-Bang, bang.

Donald Trump isn't goingto kick the Muslims

out of the United States.

Well, you think he's going to benicer to Muslims?

I don't know whatDonald Trump's going to do.

You never know what DonaldTrump's going to do, right?

That's what I'm scared about.

Look, I can't speakfor Donald Trump,

but he's goingto do the right thing.

He says what he's going to do,and he'll do what he says.

MINHAJ: Wait. So is he,

or isn't he going to do all this (bleep)?

'Cause the stakes are pretty frickin' high for me.

I'm beginning to think these Republicans just hate Muslims.

No! No, I don't hate anybody,except...


I really don't hate anybody.I...

So you would sayyou love Muslims?

-I do. Are you a Muslim?-Yeah, I am.

-I love you.-I love you, too.

-(laughing)-Give me a hug.

I'm not goingto live here much longer.

Well, we love you.Don't worry about it.

We love you. You're safe.

Can you say good-bye

to the 3.3 million Muslimsthat live in America?

We love you the 3.3 Muslimsthat live in the America,

and we love all the Muslims,

-the billion-plus that livein the world, so... -Wow.

Why are you voting for this man?

Because I love him.

I think he's a great candidatefor president.

I support his policies.

MINHAJ: I didn't understand.

Republicans were showing me so much love.

Even their accidental racism was kind of adorable.

I'm just glad you're...a good one.

-And I'm glad you're oneof the good ones. -(laughing)

MINHAJ: So if they love us, why would they vote

for the most anti-Muslim candidate in American history?

What are they thinking?

If he makes Muslims registerin the United States,

what's going to happen to us?

Um, I haveto be honest with you.

I haven't thoughtthat far as far

as the Muslimsthat are in the United States.

Um, I really don't knowthe answer to that question.

'Cause I really like it here.

Well, until these Republicans start caring

about how their votes affect brown people,

I guess I'm going to have to say my good-byes.

Goodbye, T-shirts only Republicans can afford.

Good-bye, Karl Rove.

Good-bye, token minorities.

Good-bye, hypocritical gun policy.

Good-bye, walking contradictions.

Good-bye, America.I'll miss you.