The RNC Chaos Continues: Stop and Smell the S**t

July 20, 2016 - Christiane Amanpour 07/20/2016 Views: 18,429

During the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump finds a new way to overshadow Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan barely mentions the GOP presidential nominee. (3:53)

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This is night two

of our Republican NationalConvention coverage

here in Cleveland, Ohio, people.

-(cheering, applause) -We'rehere, where it's happening.

Our guest tonight, andI couldn't be more excited--

renowned journalistand host of Amanpour,

Christiane Amanpouris joining us, everybody.

(cheering, applause)

But first, but first, guys,

honestly, this has beensuch an exciting day for me.

I mean, so muchhas already happened.

Uh, so, tonight, you know,Wednesday, was the night

where we heard speechesfrom the Republican candidates

who got destroyed by Trump.So, uh, I was hoping,

I was hoping that tonightDonald Trump

would humiliate Ted Cruzon stage,

you know, for old time's sake.For old time's sake.

But, uh, Donald Trumpdidn't even wait until tonight.

And this is true.

Ted Cruz was speakingthis afternoon in Cleveland

and, uh, Trump interrupted himwith his plane.

Our party now has a nominee.

(crowd grumbles, boos)

And I don't know...


All right.

That waspretty well orchestrated.

Je-Jeff, did you e-mail themto fly the plane

right when I said that?

(cheering, applause)

That's how crazythis convention is.

A plane is doing the hijacking.

And you know Trump knowshe's interrupting Cruz.

In fact, can we get a... can weget a close-up of the plane?

I knew it. I knew it.

But, you know, let's, uh, let'stalk a bit about last night.

Because, you know, sometimesit feels like the Trump train

moves on so quickly that weforget to just take a moment

to stop and smell the (bleep).

It really is-- it's a scandalthat never ends, you know?

One of his advisorscame out and said, uh,

Hillary should be shot,you know?

You've got the Melaniaplagiarizing thing

that never ended,then they said it didn't happen,

then they said it did happen,then a writer apologized...

You know, the train is justgoing, it's just going,

it's just going,it's just going. Normally,

in a political scandalwhat happens is the train stops

at the station, they go,"All aboard for Benghazi,"

and then the people jump on.

The train of Trump never stops,it just keeps going.

You're like, "Stop forthe scandal." They're like,

"We never stop, baby!"

In fact, sometimes it's evenhard to remember

what the Republican partywas like before Donald Trump.

But last nightthe convention was visited

by the ghosts of Republican pastto remind us.

Senate Majority LeaderMitch McConnell

and Speaker of the HousePaul Ryan,

who stand for almost everythingthat Trump ran against.

Well, last nightthey had to go on stage

and encourage Americato make the same mistake

that they've madeand support Donald Trump.

But, you know what,they're professionals,

so I'm sure they swallowedtheir pride and, you know,

gave a strong Trump statementand an endorsement.

In fact, you know what,let's, uh, let's do this.

We're gonna play a...a little drinking game.

We're gonna play a littledrinking game.

-Yeah, why not, why not?-(cheering, applause)

I, uh, I'm gonna take a shot

every time Paul Ryansays Donald Trump's name

in his speech,and I'm about to get smashed.

Hey, thank you allvery, very much.

(high-pitched, fast speaking)

...right there on the rostrumwith Vice President Mike Pence

and President Donald Trump.

(cheering, applause)

Ah! Let's go!

(high-pitched, fast speaking)

...only with Donald Trump and...

(cheering, applause)


Let's go!

...Mike Pen...(high-pitched, fast speaking)

Thank you, thank you,and God bless...

(cheering, applause)

Well, uh, I guess I'm driving.