Jeff Ross - Creating a Dialogue with Jeff Ross Roasts Cops

September 6, 2016 - Jeff Ross 09/06/2016 Views: 12,373

Jeff Ross talks about how he gained the trust of the Boston Police Department before roasting them in his stand-up special Jeff Ross Roasts Cops. (4:49)

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Please welcome Jeff Ross,everybody.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Hi, everybody.

Hi, Trev.

-Welcome to the show.-Thank you, buddy.

Nice to see you.You're looking smart.

-Feeling-feeling s...-You're looking very smart.

This is not how peopleknow you to dress.

I mean, yesterday,you were on the roast--

-which was amazing, by the way,killed it. -Thank you.

But you do not dress...Like, this is... this is dapper.

I'm feeling very, uh, you know,

like I'm on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

-You look like it. You looklike it. -(cheering, applause)

-Thank you for being here. Um...-Of course.

Let's get straight into it.I remember talking to you

-about this project long beforeyou started it. -Yeah.

You-you... you're knownfor roasting celebrities,

but then you, uh,started off with a special

-where you went into prison.-Right.

-You started roasting inmates.-Yes.

You know, uh, yeah,which is insane.

But what-what was mostinteresting to me was--

and that's where I guessthe idea really grew from--

you didn't justgo into a space to roast them.

You wanted to humanize them.Why?


you worry about people.

I care aboutall types of people.

And criminals in jailwas a logical...

It was funny to make funof people in an orange jumpsuit,

and it wasn't untilI started writing that act

that I realizedthat they were people

underneath those jumpsuits,

-and I thought for the samething about cops. -Yeah.

You know, we hearso much about cops,

everyone's talking about cops,

very few peopleare talking to cops.

So I put it out there to about30 police departments,

major cities,asking if I could come embed

with their department,and they all said no.

Sounded like you said,"come in bed."

with their departments,and then they said no.

And I'm like, "Yeah, I knowwhy they said no."

Jeff Ross says he wouldlike to come in bed

-with your department...-Yeah.

and they said no.

Gives (bleep) the policea whole new meaning.

The, uh...

So you-you embarkon this journey.

-You go, "I'm gonna roastthe police." -Yeah.

In a country where, I mean,the rhetoric is so divisive,

-the-the conversationsare so heated... -Right.

In fact, even after the BostonPD agreed to let you come along,

-you were at a Black LivesMatter rally, -Right.

and then the police didn't wantto talk to you anymore.

It was a... it was a situationyou had to deal with.

To research my roastof the Boston Police,

I went to a Black LivesMatter... Like most white dudes

in America, I had no ideahow bad things were

between cops and the community.

So I went to a rally right herein New York City,

and, obviously, um,when I got to Boston,

the police union looked me up

and seenthat I was at this rally

and immediately profiled meas a cop hater.

So now the Black Lives rally,you'll see in my show,

they hold up signs that say,"Which side are you on?"

Very divisive.And then the cops also said,

"We don't trust youuntil we know you."

So no one's talkingto each other on either side.

So how did... how didyou get the cops to trust you?

I bought them pizza.


The way to a cop's heartis through his stomach.

After they... I bombed.

I went out in frontof these cops at a roll call,

I did all these jokes. I saidstuff like, "This is tricky.

"I never roasteda-an entire room full

of YouTube celebrities before."

(laughter, groaning)


And the copskind of wouldn't laugh.

-They shut me down.But I didn't leave. -Why?

-I stuck with it.-Why?

When you talkabout the conversation,

-you talked to actual police.-Yeah.

You... And you see itin the special--

you know, it's-it's really greatto watch--

you talk to them as people.

You ask them someof the more difficult questions,

-the questions that you saypeople aren't asking. -Right.

-Yeah.-And so you find

-police saying to youthat they're afraid. -Mmm.

But were you ableto communicate to them

the way that policewere perceived in many places?

They're aware of it,because everywhere they go,

they're getting heckled,and cops are being disrespected.

A lot of people thinkthat's warranted,

because they... there's a lotof bad cops out there.

But I also think it's wrongto hate all cops

for what some copshave done wrong.

-That's also prejudiced.-Yeah.

It's like hatingall transgender people

because Bruce Jenner beat youin the decathlon in 1976.

It's not fair.

That's interesting. It-it reallyis a beautiful special,

and I-I love what you've saidabout roasts,

is that you're-you're tryingto build this world

where you are roasting,but it's, like,

a-a roast of positivity.

You're trying to move itinto a space where it's not...

it's not negative, but you arebringing issues to the fore.

You are creating a spacewhere people laugh

and talk about real issues.I think you're-you're doing

a great job, and you look good while doing it.

-You look good while doing it.-Thanks, Trevor.