The Art of the Donald Trump's Bad Business Deals

August 15, 2016 - Daniel Radcliffe 08/15/2016 Views: 38,087

As Donald Trump touts his business acumen, Ronny Chieng investigates how the GOP presidential candidate actually runs the Trump Organization. (5:09)

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Donald Trumpsays his experience

as a great businessman

will make him greatfor America's economy,

and thus makeAmerica great again.

And win.Don't forget win.

But great... how exactly?

Well, Ronny Chiengchecks it out.

This is my first American election and come January,

there might be a 50-foot gold Trump sign

on top of the White House.

As a non-white immigrant, can anyone give me one reason

why I shouldn't get the (bleep) out of here?

How about this guy, Professor Peter Navarro,

one of Trump's new economic advisors.

What's he got for me?

The biggest issue in thiscampaign is the economy.

I believe Donald Trump will begreat for the economy.

Not just good, great.

I mean, you are an old white guywearing a suit,

so I guess it fitsthe demographic.

Uh, you're... let me guess...


I thought you were going to sayFilipino, but close.

You're the young,well-dressed...


If the major problem facingyour country is the economy,

who else would you want

besides a business personand an entrepreneur?

CHIENG: Oh, right.

Who cares about Trump's crazy racist crap?

In America it's all about the bottom line.

Trump will be great for the economy.

Just listen to his biggest supporter.

I am going to be the greatestjobs president

that God ever created.

We need a leader that wrote The Art of the Deal.

CHIENG: The guy who wrote The Art of the Deal,

you mean Tony Schwartz?

Oh, no, the other guy.

So Trump, the billionaire business boss

is ready to fix the economy for everyone.

Like, for example, the 1,400 Carrier workers

who will be laid off next year

when their plant moves to Mexico.

After a video of them losing their jobs went viral,

Trump became obsessed with helping them.

I'm the one that brings upCarrier all the time.

Carrier's my baby.

Carrier people:I fell in love with them.

They fell in love with me.

I sat down with some of these Carrier workers,

aka Trump's new baes,

to find out how their relationship is going.

So you guys must loveDonald Trump.

-(laughing)-Hell no.

We don't.

We don't endorse him.

-We want someone to be toughon China, -China.

but, you know, this guy's knownfor using his own clothing line

that's made in China.

There's thousands and thousandsof stories.

He has people do work for himand then he don't pay them.

Then he lawyers themout of business.

He's a smart businessman.

He's a crook.

Yeah, but what does this guy know about big business?

He's literally wearing a blue collar.

Sure they're right about Trump making stuff overseas

and not paying vendors,

but that doesn't mean he can't also help American workers.

He'll be tough with China.

Let's role-play here.

You be Donald Trump;I'll be China.

I need you to be tough on me.

The American peopleneed to have...

Do I have my own translator?

I get it, but I mean,this doesn't work for me.

Yeah. And then trade war.

The negotiation with the Chinese did not go well.

Look, the Carrier workers just don't get it.

Probably because they never had the privilege

of working for the other guy who wrote The Art of the Deal,

not Tony Schwarz. So I sat down

with Trump Hotel housekeeper Carmen Llarull

because she knows how great it is working for Trump.

It's very hard.

We have a lot of discrimination.

They violate our rights.

We make three dollars less

than the other peoplein the industry.

Sorry, Carmen, I'm not seeing

anything you just saidin this book.

When we triedto bring the union,

uh, we were fired.But that's illegal.

That's the rightthat we have as, uh, workers.

Yeah.But how awesome was it...

to be fired by Donald Trump?

It's not awesome.

You got to hear him say...

(recording of Trump):You're fired.

It's illegal.

CHIENG: Or so she alleges. Oh, big surprise--

a worker in America crying about working. Boo, hoo, hoo.

Where I come from people work 30 hours a day.

So Trump is facing a few pesky lawsuits--

don't these basic bitches know that in America

you can't make a business omelet

without breaking a few dozen eggs?

Donald Trump has, like,

I think,35 lawsuits against him.

People will cherry-pickwhatever they want.

Sorry, not 35.3,500 lawsuits.

But at the end of the day,

he's a very successfulbillionaire

who has shown himself,uh, to be very entrepreneurial

-and very successful. -Becausewhen you're a billionaire

you can do whateverthe (bleep) you want.

You don't have to listento what anyone else says,

you can just get (bleep) done.

Well put, Ronny.

CHIENG: Yeah, turns out the key to helping American workers

is by making as much money as you can off them.

And if you still have any doubts about Trump,

just listen the guy who really wrote

The Art of the Deal-- Tony Schwarz, not Donald Trump.

He has the attention spanand the knowledge base

of a nine-year-old with ADHD.

And I'm not saying thatto be funny.

CHIENG: Ha, ha, good one, Tony.

Trump 2016!