Donald Trump's "Rigged Election" Talk - Reality vs. Reality TV

October 17, 2016 - Russell Simmons 10/17/2016 Views: 18,582

After Donald Trump complains that the 2016 election will be rigged, Trevor theorizes that the presidential candidate's time as a reality show host may be to blame. (3:18)

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Donald Trump had exposed us

to the realities of electionrigging in the U.S.

to make sure that everyone knowsthat if Hillary wins,

it's not because Trump'sa loser.

It's because he's a victim, butlike a cool victim, you know,

with like a cool scar from beingin a motorcycle accident

with a shark.

You know, I don't knowhow Trump's mind works,

but the point is,since there's no evidence

for any of Trump's claims,they may not make sense,

until you realize thateverything Donald Trump does,

he frames through the lensof reality TV,

because that's the worldhe's from.

The Apprentice, beautypageants, pro wrestling, right?

And if you measuredthis election

like you measure those things,

he'd be winning bigly.

I had the biggest crowd.You're there; you see them.

Nobody's ever had crowdslike this.

All of the online polls saidthat I won the debate.

A lot of people thoughtI won the debate.

We beat her...

by millions on television.

By millions.Millions!

So you won the ratings warin the last night.

-Hillary Clinton's speech...-By millions, George.

By millions.

(as Trump): By millions, George,by millions.

I bet super villains watch Trumpand go,

"This guy talks weird."


Hey, Donald Trump,you do realize

that there's a differencebetween ratings and votes?

Trump probably wonderswhy Sheldon from Big Bang

hasn't won the Presidencyby now.

(as Trump):Even I can't deny it, folks.

That nerd is popular;he's super popular.

He's a total loser though.

Hangs out with that blond chick,can't close the deal.

Just grab her by the bazinga,come on.

Come on, just do it,just do it.


So if you understand reality TV,

you understand why Trump's worldis falling part.

Think of it, in his mindhe should be winning.

He knows he's the ultimatecontestant.

And if he's not winning,then the contest must be rigged,

because that's howreality TV works.

Trump knows this, because he'sthe one that did the rigging.

When Trump made The Apprentice,

he would just firewhoever he felt like.

And his editors would haveto go back and re-edit the show

just to make it looklike his judgment

had some basis in reality.

Which by the way is also whatwe're going to have to do

after he's president--you realize that.

Trump will just randomlybomb Italy,

and we'll all have to be like,

"Well, I-I think it's becauseyou guys put clams in the pasta?

"I don't, I don't, let's gowith that, let's go with that.

It makes sense, go with that."

But I genuinely do feel a littlebit bad for Donald Trump.

And I don't think it helpsthat some people are lying.

Lying to his supporters

about whenthe actual election is.

Make sure you get outand vote November 28.

(distorted): November 28.

November 28.

Aw, Donald.

You can't afford unforced errorslike that, buddy.

Because you know Hillary's notmaking those mistakes, right?

She knows exactlywhen the election is.

She's probably got it tattooedon the inside of her bicep.

But as-as good good as you are,

you're seeing itall slipping away, Donald.

And you're stressed,and I understand.

I understandhow scary that can be.

But take heart,because reality TV shows

are not all about winning.

What Donald Trump doesn'tseem to realize is this:

most times the craziest,most popular person--

they don't win the show,they lose in the finale

and it sets them up perfectly

for theireven more successful spinoff.

He's gonna be around, folks.