Ellis Island

Green Out Season 2, Ep 20 08/23/2016 Views: 1,097

In the early 1900s, an Ellis Island official gets a little too creative with immigrant nomenclature. (1:21)

- Go ahead.Welcome to America.

- Say, Edmund,do you have a minute?

- Well, sure, Harold,what can I do for you?

- Is everything okay?

- Yes, everything's fine.Why?

- Some of these name changesyou've been performing

on these people's passportshave us a little worried.

- What do you mean?

- Well, for instance,

that familythat just came through.

- Who?The Sluttersons?

They had somegoofy Italian name,

so I changed itto something easy.

- Uh-huh, and what aboutthe people before them?

The Whoreleys?

- They had some crazy namebefore.

- It was Sanders.

- So?

- So it's beenlike this all day.

You've checked in the Trampleys,

the Hussytons,the Strumplesteins,

the Whoresmiths,the Whorevilles,

and the Whorejohnsonwhores.

How's Susan doing, Edmund?

- She's fine.Why do you bring it up?

- Just wondering,because I noticed

you changed "Peterson"to "Cheaterson,"

"Anderson" to "Adulterson,"

and you changedthat family's name from Smith

to "You-cheating-bitch-I'll-never-love-again."

- Well, that can't be.

Oh, I've gota lot on my mind, Harold.

I'll try notto let it happen again.

- Thanks.Keep your head up.

- Passport.How do you pronounce this name?

- It's "Love-is-bullshit."

- Welcome to America!