What the Actual Fact? - Donald Trump Lays Out His Economic Plan

August 9, 2016 - Riki Lindhome and Natasha Leggero 08/09/2016 Views: 5,849

Desi Lydic fact-checks Donald Trump's economic speech in Detroit, where the presidential hopeful weighs in on unemployment, food stamps and death taxes. (5:25)

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yesterday,Donald Trump gave

a major economic policy speechin Detroit,

a city thathe understands fundamentally,

because it, too,has filed for bankruptcy.

And, uh, after a policy speechfilled with promises

and lofty claims, it's onlyfitting that we turn it over

to our own Desi Lydicin another installment

of What the Actual Fact?

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Thanks, Trevor.

Trump's speech yesterdaywas like a Rihanna song.

He shouted "work, work, work"a bunch of times,

and that was pretty muchall most people heard.

So, let's get to the details,starting with Trump's take

on what he calls the Obama-Clinton employment numbers.

There are now94.3 million Americans

outside of the labor force.

It was 80.5 million

when President Obamatook office,

an increaseof 14 million people.

So, let's see.14 million more people

are now outside the workforce,

but much of that has nothingto do with unemployment.

It's because our olderbaby boomers are retiring--

In fact, almost 10,000retirees every day.

So although this statementis true,

Trump is ignoringthe realities of aging.

So I give this statementa John Travolta.


Here's another criticismTrump had

of the Obama-Clinton economy.

Nearly 12 million people havebeen added to the food stamp,

and these people are growing,and it's growing so rapidly

since President Obamatook office.

Okay, first of all,food stamp rolls did go up,

mostly because of the recessionwhich Obama inherited from Bush.

But Trump says those numbersare still growing rapidly,

when in reality, the numberof people on food stamps

has been decliningfor the last three years.

So, this claim is mostly false.

Trump competently says somethingis growing, but we all know

it's shrinking,so this gets one whiskey dick.

(cheers and applause)


(cheers and applause)

Let's move onto Trump's ec-economic plans.

First, tax reform.

Finally, no family will haveto pay the death tax.

American workers have paid taxestheir whole lives,

and they should not be taxedagain at death.

It's just plain wrong,and most people agree with that.


We will repeal it.

Yes, American workers do paytaxes throughout their careers,

and Americans can be taxed whenthey die, but the only folks

who actually pay a state taxor death tax, as Trump calls it,

are those with estates worthmore than $5.4 million,

meaning that tax has no impact

on 99.8% of Americans.

So, what Trump's talkingabout is technically true,

but irrelevantto almost everyone.

I give this one co-workertalking nonstop about CrossFit.

(laughter and applause)

I don't care how manykettlebell swings

your tiny body can do, Ronny.

I gave birth this year.

(cheering and applause)

Yeah. Thank you.

Thank you.

And finally, we need to lookat the most controversial

promise in Trump'sentire economic address.

Our lower business tax

will also end job-killingcorporate inversions

and cause trillionsin new dollars in wealth

to come pouringinto our country.

And, by the way,

into titties,like right here in Detroit.


I'm sorry, can we just...can we see that one more time?

And, by the way,

into titties,like right here in Detroit.


Okay, okay, okay.

Let's not jumpto conclusions here.

I know we all want to believe

that Donald Trumpsaid "titties,"

but it is possible thatit was just an audio glitch.

Thankfully, we area professional, fact-checking

operation with the most advancedaudio analysis tools

in the business.

So, we can determinedefinitively if Donald Trump,

in fact, did say "titties."

Let's do a careful analysis.

TRUMP: ...into titties, like right here in Detroit.

Mm... yeah, no.

It-it's still really hardto tell,

so let's try, let's try slowingit down a bit.

(very slowly): ...into titties, titties,

like right here in Detroit.

Okay, I-I'm still not sure.

Maybe if I just...

Titties. T-titties.

-(music plays)-♪ T-titties

♪ T-t-titties

♪ In Detroit

-♪ T-t-titties -Yeah.

♪ T-t-titties

(cheering and applause)

Yeah, it's hard to tellif these titties are real,

but I can tell you that"Titties Like Detroit"

is a hot (bleep)ing track,

so go stream it on Tidal.


Thank you, Desi.