Suck Your Own D**k Abs - Uncensored

Baby Not from Booty Season 2, Ep 1 10/05/2011 Views: 101,175

Finally, an exercise routine that lets men get serious about their bodies and have fun at the same time. (1:44)

- [Narrator] Abs.

Every guys wants them but the motivation is hard

and you wanna have serious definition

but also have it be enjoyable.

Sound impossible?

- Remember when you hitpuberty and your hormones raged

and all you wanted to do was try and suck your own dick?

But then you got older and tried to get laid

and forgot about tryingto suck your own dick.

Well we've decided to bring that motivation back

with Suck Your Own Dick Abs!

All you need is this rubber strap

and it help you to recoil

and then make a thrusting motion towards your dick.

Keep working those abs Gary.

You know what's at the finish line.

- I sure do Ned,

my own dick in my own mouth and some sweet abs!

- As you can see the blowing motion uses muscles

that we never thought to exist.

I mean look at how ripped you get!

And the final goal is your best friend.

Your own penis.

What can be better?

- I've been able to suck my own junk since I was eight.

What's in it for me?

- Good question brother.

Check out the T Bag strap.

This pushes your body past the dick

and straight to those far away balls.

Try slam dunking those in your mouth

and we're talking amazing abs!

- Word?

- We even have anotherlevel, the Fart Snorter.

Get straight to the hole


and smell those farts.

- I'll stick with the balls.

- I hear ya.

Fart snorting is advanced.

- (Muffled) I got it!

I'm sucking my own dick!

- Score! Enjoy those beach ready abs.

- I wanna snort farts!

- You're gettin' talky Gary, I'm the fart snorter!

- [Narrator] Suck Your Own Dick Abs come with

optional T Bag Belt and Fart Snorter Cord.

Get serious about your body while also enjoying it.