Putting Donald Trump Supporters Through an Ideology Test

August 18, 2016 - Emily King 08/18/2016 Views: 666,381

After Donald Trump proposes an ideology test for potential Muslim immigrants, Jordan Klepper quizzes the presidential hopeful's supporters. (4:16)

Earlier this week, Donald Trumpproposed a bold new program

to manage immigrationinto the United States.

We should only admitinto this country

those who share our valuesand respect our people.

I call it extreme vetting.

I call itextreme, extreme vetting.

It's like he really thinks themore "extremes" he puts on it

the more votes he'll get,you know?

"We're down six points in Ohio,so extreme vetting.

"Extreme, extreme.

"Check again.How many? How many? Seven.

Extreme, extreme."

The big question is, uh,how widely shared

are the values that Trump speaksof amongst Trump supporters?

Well, we sent Jordan Klepperto find out.

KLEPPER: Donald Trump's new ideological screening test

will weed out extremists with...

Extreme viewsabout religion such as...

It's oppression of women,gays and non-believers.

KLEPPER: That's right. Trump wants prospective Americans

to embrace religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights.

At a recent rally in Wisconsin, his fans were on board.

I am for extreme vetting. I am.

I think it is a good idea.

Extreme vetting.

Think that's a good idea?

Of course.He forgot one thing.

Just make 'em eat some bacon.

KLEPPER: These guys were pumped about

America's values of tolerance so

I knew they'd pass Trump's test with flying colors.

Fill in the blank for me.

Two men getting married is...blank.


I should answerit's legal in the United States.

Oh, it's legal,but I don't like it.

It's importantto believe in our...

you know, to have respectfor everyone's religion.

-So you respect Christianity?-I do.



Can a woman be president?

The presidency is a man's job.

I have women are qualifiedto be president.

No. A femalehas more hormones.

She could start a warin ten seconds

if she has hot flashes,whatever-- boom!

Haven't all warsbeen started by men?

Mm... yes.

Do you think a gay coupleshould have the same rights

-as a het...?-No, I don't.

I really don't.I don't think it's fair.

To the gay couple?

Well, no, but,

the regular couple--they work so hard, you know.

And the gay couple--they want more.

Do you...? When you say more,do you mean equal?

Yeah, they want equal in that.

-And that's just too much?-Yeah.

-No, that's the wrong answer.Sorry. Hold on. -Ah.

Turns out Trump's ideology test

was going to be harder than I thought.

Whenever I hear "president,"I think of man.

It's a man's job.

What's the r...?I may be...

Uh, closed-minded.

No. Yeah, well, no.



You're votingagainst your own interests.

That's it. Thank you very much.

These extreme nations-- theydon't treat women with respect.

We treat womenwith respect here.

Yes, we do, be...

-That's an American ideal.-Yup.

Tell me about your shirt.

-What's it say?-It says... (laughs)

"Hillary sucks."

(laughs)But not like Monica.


So we were talking abouttreating women with respect.

It's an American ideal

that we treat womenwith respect, so...

You got to give me the backof that shirt one more time.

That's too much fun.

Trump that bitch!

(laughs) We don't even seethe irony in it.

I love it, right?

As passionate as these guys were,

they just weren't passing Trump's ideological test.

Luckily, there was still time to study.

This will just help youprep for the test

so if you take it again,you'll be more welcome here.

Uh, this is a DVD of the thirdseason of Will & Grace.

-Okay. -It's really likableand not too gay, gay people.

This one is gonna be goodfor you.

Gloria Steinem.

This really like, uh,humanizes women.

-Okay?-(laughs) 'Cause us feminists--

-we have so much workto be done. -(Klepper laughs)

-You know?-You a feminist?

-No. -KLEPPER: Obviously, extreme vetting was necessary

to weed out extremists,

but until the plan was in place, were any of us safe?

Are you afraid the extremistsare already here right now?

They could be anywhere.

They could be right here.

-They could be.-Yeah.

-Like that guy or that guy.-They could be over there.

-They could be that guy,or this guy. -Anybody.

-It could be anybody.-It could be anybody.