Backing Out of Brexit

January 26, 2017 - Laurence Fishburne 01/26/2017 Views: 64,427

The British Supreme Court reveals that Parliament must still vote on the U.K.'s decision to leave the E.U., but Trevor thinks they should be stuck with their decision. (1:38)

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But let's begin...let's begin the show

with some newsfrom across the pond.

MAN: The British Supreme Court ruling that the U.K.

cannot leave the European Union

without first getting a vote from Parliament.

MAN 2: This is a big deal.

At most, calls into question whether Brexit will happen.

MAN 3: This decision throws the United Kingdom's exit

from the E.U. into some chaos.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold up.

There's a chance the U.K.may not have to leave the E.U.?

-No. No, I'm sorry.-(laughter)

-You do not get out of Brexit.-(laughter)

You do not, no.

Because Brexit inspiredeverybody else

to screw up their own countries!

People running around,burning (bleep) down,

chanting,"Brexit! Brexit! Brexit!"

-America elected Mr. Brexit!-(laughter)

And now you're gonna tryto breezle out of it?

No! It feels likeBritain's, like,

(with British accent):"Oh, look at that.

We didn't realizewe had a back door."

-(laughter) -"Oh, we didn't knowthere's a way out. We didn't."

And then, America's like,"Wait. Do we also have...?"

-"No, you don't. No. You don't.No, you don't." -(laughter)

It's like, "Wait. You saidwe were getting face tattoos."

"Oh, and, yeah, mine'sremovable. I didn't realize."

-(laughter) -"I thought it waspermanent, but it's not."

-"I've got a dick on my face!"-(laughter)

"It looks nice, though.It looks really nice."

-(applause and cheering)-No! You Brexit, Britain!

Get out!

-We suffer together.-(laughter)

And we are suffering.