Light Cycle Chase

Law & Oracle Season 6, Ep 17 07/07/2011 Views: 155,332

Fry and Officer URL investigate a mysterious box in Erwin Schrodinger's backseat. (1:56)

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(tires screeching)

Whoa. 15 miles overthe speed of light.

That's a violation of the lawof Lorentz's invariants, baby.

Light 'em up.

(siren wails, engines rev)

Look out for thatparticular individual!

An electric wall, eh?

I can't see the harmin peeing on that.


(electrical zap)

Whoa! Where'd my man learn that?

Sunny D commercial.

Let's refract this sucker.


(tires screeching)

(six overlapping screams)

(metal crunching)


DNA and career chip, please.

(scanner beeps)

EARL:Erwin Schrodinger, huh?

What's in the box,Schrodinger?

Um... a cat, some poison,and a cesium atom.

The cat: is italive or dead?

Alive or dead?

Answer him, fool.

It's a superpositionof both states

until you open it andcollapse the wave function.

Says you.


There's alsoa lot of drugs in there.