Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Donald Trump's "Locker Room Talk"

October 13, 2016 - Ana Navarro & Jidenna 10/13/2016 Views: 229,459

Jordan Klepper finds out how Donald Trump's supporters reacted to the presidential hopeful's comments about sexually assaulting women. (3:37)

The key question here is,

what do Trump's fansthink about all of this?

Well, Jordan Klepper once againhit the streets--

actually, more likethe parking lot-- to find out.

According to the"mainstream" media,

Donald Trump's lewd talk

and recent sexual assaultallegations

are erodinghis Republican support.

TV REPORTER: The GOP is abandoning

their nominee in droves.

TV REPORTER: The exodus of Republican support continued.

Republicans are desertingthe sinking ship.

But I don't listento that noise.

I listen to this throb.

Ba-ba, ba-ba.

This is Jordan KlepperFingers the Pulse!

(pulse beating)

I hitched a ride to a rally in the crucial swing state

of Pennsylvania to ask Trump supporters

if he had finally crossed the line.

You know what? So whatif he wants to grab pussy?

I want to grab pussy!

KLEPPER: That's a no.

I wish I could grab as muchpussy as he has.

Well, I'd like to grabal-Qaeda by the pussy

and shove someYankee Doodle Dandy

-right up its ass.-KLEPPER: Also a no.

But how were they okay with a presidential candidate

bragging about sexual assault? Wait for it...

I think it's justlocker room talk. That really...

-What does that mean?-Guys in a bar talk that way

when they see a pretty girl.What are you gonna say?

I've heard worse about men

talking about girls,women, so...

Are they... are youtalking about other, like,

-presidential candidateslike Mondale or... -Yes.

It's locker room talk.That's what boys do.

-He didn't do it.-Well, I don't...

-I don't talk like that.-Well...

-Do you have any children?-I do.

-Do they talk like that?-No, they don't.

-So, not those boys.-Well, no, not those boys.

-Do you have a husband?-I do.

-Does he talk like that?-No.

-Well, not that boy.-No.

-Is that how you talk?-Well, no, but I feel like he...

-Is that how your dad talks?-Well, no, but...

-Is that, like, your pastortalks? -No, not necessarily.

So who talks like that?

Uh, well, obviously,Donald Trump.

That was... stupid, bragging...Men talk.

Men brag.

We brag, right?You brag a bit, right?

Um, not exactly, but I knowquite a few people that do.

KLEPPER: And... background dab.

Yes, it was all becoming clear-- men brag.

It's just locker room talk.

Grab it while you can. Trump.

-What-what is "it"?-The pussy!

Yeah, grab it all while you can!

Except I can't talk like thatin front of my daughter.

You just did.

These things you say,people can hear.

And the locker room was huge,

extending all the way across the country.

Was there any line Trump couldn't cross?

Is there anything Trumpcould say that could come on up

that would make younot vote for him?


No matter what he says or does,I will vote for Donald Trump.

What if he said the N word--would you still vote for him?

Um, it wouldn't be right,but I would still vote for him.

What if he said, uh,everybody should go, uh,

(bleep) little pigs.Would that...

Would you stillvote for him then?

-I would still vote for him.-Yeah?

Wow, the media's fingers were nowhere near the pulse.

They had gotten it wrong. People here knew

Trump's comments weren't sexual assault,

they were something completely different.

Just ask this man, who conducted

a highly scientific survey.

I got news for you,I asked a lot of women here,

and half of them would loveto have their pussies

snatched by-by Trump.I got news for you.

Mm-hmm.That is news to me.

One man's sexual assault isanother man's, uh, flirtation.

You must be quite the charmerwith the ladies.

I-I used to be.

You know, I got the ring now.One of 'em landed me.

She even squeezed itso I can't get it off,

because she saw thatI took it off once and there was

a little mark there,so she's no dummy.

Oh, well, I thinkshe's a dummy if she thinks

somebody elseis gonna (bleep) you.

Sorry, bro-- just a little bit of locker room talk.