Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Streets Named Dick Edition

February 16, 2017 - Ezra Edelman 02/16/2017 Views: 41,252

A New Jersey town has decided to rename a roadway to Dick Street, and Jordan Klepper asks area residents how they feel about the change. (5:09)

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Now, in his farewell address,President Obama urged us

to get engaged in politicsand, uh, not just to sit back

and check out of everything.

Then he went kitesurfing.

But, still, the peopleare taking to the streets.

And, in New Jersey,it's one street in particular.

Confusion and concern oversome road names in New Jersey.

There is one name in particular

that's causing issuesof its own.

I'm standing right nowon Ellsworth Street,

but if I crossHoward Avenue here,

uh, this now turnsinto Dick Street.

City leaders have proposed changing the name

of this section of Ellsworth to Dick Street

to make it easier to find in an emergency.

Now, now, I-I know,I know your first instinct

when you hear "Dick Street"is to think

that now we're gonna startmaking dick jokes, you know?

Like, uh, how Dick Streetis only two blocks long

and it's slightly bentor-or how this is a bad time

to extend Dick Streetwhen it's cold outside.

That's not... No, no, no, no.No, guys, no.

This is not about dick jokes.

This is about ordinary citizenswho are fighting a government

that thrusts itselfinto every crevice of our lives.

And it's hurting people.

Homeowners on Ellsworth wantto know if they can change it

to something otherthan Dick Street.

He thinks switching his home address

from Ellsworth Street to what he calls

a less than flattering street name

will make his property value go down.

You see that? Real people.

And you can't tell me thatthis guy doesn't deserve better,

because his name is Anil.

Imagine his life.

Probably coming to this country,

growing up with a namelike that.

Some people are worriedabout whether Trump will cover

their pre-existing condition,

but this poor manhas more pressing issues.

He doesn't want to be Anilon Dick Street.

And-and when you'rea local activist,

there's many different ways

that you can tryand tackle a problem.

Some people prefer to see iton the ground.

Others prefer a bird's-eye view.

John Sedlak, seen here with his pet falcon,

says living on this street

isn't as embarrassing as everyone thinks.

I know peoplethat are named Dick

or their name's Richand they're called Dick, so...


Of course the name Dickdoes not embarrass him!

This man does not playby our rules, people!

He's walking around New Jerseywith a falcon on his arm!

That's New Jersey!That's a falcon!

Not just a falcon, by the way,a hunting falcon.

You see that thing?Like, what is he catching, rats?

Who is this person?What, is he catching, like,

his neighbor's poodle?What is... Like...

"Oh, is the street name okay?"Yeah, that's-that's far down

on this guy's list.He's too busy fighting Sauron

or whatever. I don't know.What is he doing with a falcon?

Who is this person?

Now, the Clifton City Councilwill vote on Dick Street

next Tuesday, and the peoplewill make their voices heard.

And we at The Daily Show wantedto be a part of that,

so we sent Jordan Klepper to geta firmer grip on the story.

(cheering and applause)

(heart beating)

Trevor, I'm here in New Jersey,at the center of controversy,

where the wholesome peopleof Ellsworth are fighting

not to be associated with thesick perverts of Dick Street.

I went straight to the outraged residents of Ellsworth Street

to see the situation on the ground.

We don't want to changethe name.

I think they should leavethe name the way it is.

I don't want, you know,my street named Dick Street.

Come on. You're a laidback guy.

You got a Miller Lite canin your front window.

Wouldn't it be kind of coolto live on Dick Street?

No, not for me.

I left Ellsworth and headed all the way over to Dick Street,

where the locals were proud of the name.

Dick Street. I lived hereall my life, since I was a kid.

Why do you think those peopledon't want to be associated

with the dicks over here?

What's the big deal?

Is it... is it gonna kill you?

-Mm-mm. -You know, it'slike houses always changing.

Everybody's doing this,everybody's doing that today.

-What are you talking about?-You know, like different hou...

That's changed. Thatdidn't used to be like that.

-I... Actually, I've never...Okay. -Well...

But back on Ellsworth, the locals were still outraged.

I would assume that City Hallwould change the name

to something differentthan Dick Street.

Because if I needto sell the house,

what do you want meto tell other people,

I live on a Dick Street?

Is there a better namefor the street?

We don't want the "Dick"at the beginning.

Would you takea "Dick" at the end?

-No. I have a daughter.-Uh-huh.

If somebody asked my daughter,"Where do you live?"

"On a Dick Street."

Would you be comfortablehaving a daughter who lived on

Big Willie Street?

That's fine.

-Johnson Street?-That's fine.

-Wang Street?-Wang Street is fine.

-Penis Street?-No.

-Okay. That's the line?-That's the line.

-(bleep) Street?-No.

-Old Man Ball Street?-Nope.

-Ball Street?-No.

-Old Man Street?-Old Man Street?

-Yeah, it's fine.-Okay.

KLEPPER: Perfect.

Thanks to Obama's inspiring call to action,

the citizens of soon-to-be Dick Street

won't take this lying down.