President Trump Takes on Nordstrom

February 8, 2017 - Tracee Ellis Ross 02/08/2017 Views: 197,941

President Trump lashes out at fashion retailer Nordstrom for dropping First Daughter Ivanka Trump's products from its stores. (4:36)

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big news fromthe world of retail fashion

and somehow the presidency.

One of America's largestdepartment store chains

is pulling a notable Trump brandfrom its shelves.

Fashion retail giant Nordstrom announced

it will stop carrying

Ivanka Trump clothing and shoes.

The company said her products are just not selling.

The products are just notselling?


You know, for-for someone whowould have won the popular vote,

it sure seemslike Trump is unpopular.

Obviously, what happened here

is millions of deadillegal immigrants

aren't buying Ivanka's shoes.

It's fake shoes, people,fake shoes.

Now, not all of the newsout of Nordstrom's

is bad for the Trumps.

For instance, Eric's lineof paperback face covers

continue to sell well.

And Nordstrom is also keepingits line of Pence pants, yes,

which are really specialbecause they have no fly, yeah.

Or as Mike Pence calls it,Satan's front door.

Now, now by now you knowwhere this is going.

Ivanka Trump gets dumpedfrom Nordstrom.

And tweeters gonna tweet.

And he did.

The president tweeted,

(mimicking Trump):My daughter Ivanka

has been treated so unfairlyby Nordstrom.

She's a great person.

Always pushing meto do the right thing.



-(normal voice): Now... now...-(applause)

First of all, first of all,

why do you need to be pushedto do the right thing?

Why aren't you just doingthe right thing?

-Is it just me?-(cheers and applause)

And is it just me, or doesit feel like Nordstrom

is in troublewith the president now?

It sounds like he's setting outa vendetta.

Like, I wouldn't be shocked ifhe sent in SEAL Team Six

to buy up all her clothes,just, you know,

get in there and do something.

One thing I enjoy about theTrump presidency, though,

is that even though we knowwe're all gonna die,

we're at least starting to learnall of their moves, you know.

First the incident,

then the tweet, then the spice.



What's the standard thatthe president's doing

in regards to his familybusinesses or that business?

Well, I think this was lessabout his family business

and an attack on his daughter.

For someone to take out theirconcern with his policies

on a family member of his,is just, is not acceptable.

And the president hasevery right as a father

to stand up for them.

And by the way, Spicer'sargument, interesting, isn't it?

Don't punish Ivanka's brand

for her father's policies.

Because guilt by associationis wrong.

Anyway, back to the Muslim ban.

(cheering and applause)

But unlike Nordstromwith Ivanka Trump's clothes,

the press corps wasn't readyto let it go.

Ivanka Trump, as you know, hassaid she has divorced herself,

separated herselffrom her business.

So how is she being treatedunfairly if she's not... ?

Well, I think there's clearlya targeting of her brand,

and her name's still out there.

So she's not directlyrunning the company,

it's still her name on it.

This is a direct attack

on his policies and her name.

And so that--there is clearly an attempt

for him to stand up for her,

because she is being maligned

because they have a problemwith his policies.

Oh, whoa.Oh, this-- No, no.

No, no.No, no, wait, no.

I mean, this is interesting.

What you're saying is whileshe's not running the company,

it's still her name on it,

which makes this an attackon Donald Trump's policies.

Let's just take a secondto appreciate

what just happened here.

For monthsthe Trump administration

has been saying Trump businesseswill be completely separated

from Trump's policies.

And now they're arguingthat it's impossible

to separate Trump's businessesfrom his policies.

Which is whatwe've been saying.

Although on the other hand,

he does have all thoseblank folders.

You have to admit,that's a lot of folders.

What about the folders?

But can I just say,thank you, Nordstrom.

Because of you,Donald Trump finally realized

how painful it iswhen a family member gets banned

from a placethey really want to be.


Thank you, Nordstrom.