President-Elect Trump's Prospective Administration of Deplorables

November 16, 2016 - Wesley Lowery 11/16/2016 Views: 130,187

President-elect Trump names alt-right leader Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, and GOP leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell refuse to disavow the divisive pick. (9:32)

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Trump has to assemble an entirepresidential cabinet.

He's working to put togetheran administration in 66 days,

and he has more than 4,000political appointees to hire.

TV REPORTER: Sources close to the situation

say the transition process is stalled.

The words that have been usedto describe this transition team

and how it's been working--"infighting, knife fight,

turmoil, disarray, chaos."

You know, basically every day.that's what they're saying.

Why is anyone surprised thatit's taking Trump this long

to hire his administration?

After all, I mean,this is the same guy

who needed 13 weeksto fill one job.

Maybe he's putting themthrough challenges.

Maybe that's what he's doing.

(mimicking Trump):It seems like

you'd be a greatattorney general,

but first, I need youand Brandi Glanville

to write a jinglefor Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas.


And you know for a guy who sayshe gets all the best people,

it sure seems like Trumpgot his team

from the Republican bargain bin.

I mean, for attorney general,

he's reportedly consideringTed Cruz.

Which makes perfect sense.

Who better for the country'stop law enforcement position

than the person Trump renamed"Lying Ted."

What does day one even look likeon that job?

(mimicking Trump:Welcome aboard, Ted.

First order of business,I need you to go after your dad

for killing Kennedy.


So if an incurable liar isTrump's choice for top lawman,

who would be Trump's top choice

for the top diplomat?

I said Islamicextremist terrorism!

You know who you are!

There's no black America.

There's no white America.

There is just America!




Trump's leading contenderfor secretary of state,

former New York City Mayor andhuman the "scream" portrait,

Rudy Giuliani,

-who, uh...-(cheering and applause)

who proved, who provedwith his RNC performance,

that he could speakto the entire world

without a microphone.

Giuliani, in my opinion,sounds less like a diplomat,

and more like a mad scientist

who just merged black Americawith white America.

There is just America!

It's alive!

Now, luckily,Trump hasn't made any

of those appointments officialyet.

There is one decision thoughthat he has confidently made--

hiring his chief strategist,Steve Bannon.

REPORTER: Bannon, one of Trump's first appointments

and already his most controversial.

REPORTER 2: The new campaign CEO has been dubbed

the most dangerous political operative in America.

REPORTER 3: He has a following among the alt-right,

among white nationalists.

Bannon's got a lot of...He's said some bad stuff.

He is a very divisive figure.

Steve Bannon's motto is?

"Honey badgerdon't give a (bleep)."


Yes, the man who will bethe top adviser

to the future presidentof the United States,

his personal motto is "honeybadger don't give a (bleep)."

And if you're unfamiliarwith the phrase,

this is where he got it from.

RANDALL: This is the honey badger.

Watch it run in slow motion.

It's pretty badass. Look.

It runs all over the place.

"Whoa! Watch out," says that bird.

Ew, it's got a snake? Now watch this.

Look, a snake's up in the tree. Honey badger don't care.

Honey badger don't give a (bleep).


Your David Attenboroughis weird.

But this Steve Bannon guy,he's no joke.

Besides runningTrump's campaign,

Steve Bannonis most widely known

for being the CEOof Breitbart News,

a Web site Bannon himselfdescribes

as a platform for the alt-right.

These are the kind of people whothink Fox News is too diverse.

Breitbart is infamousfor writing articles

that are misogynistic,uh, anti-Semitic,

and outright racist.

And Bannon's appointmentto the White House

has really energized a certainsection of people in America,

the white nationalist.

Richard Spencer tweeted

that Mr. Bannon wasin the best possible position

to influence policy.

And former KKK Wizard David Dukecalled the choice excellent.

Yeah. Honestly,the Klan is so happy

they even jazzed up their hoods.

And Bannon may say thathe's not one of these people,

but he happily provides thema megaphone.

And in case, uh, all of thatdidn't turn you off...

REPORTER: Campaign CEO Steve Bannon,

in 1996, he faced misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

His ex-wife in this Santa Monica, California,

police report alleging he grabbed her,

an incident that the officer says left red marks

on her left wrist and the right side of her neck.

Look, Steve Bannonis a reprehensible human being,

and for him to be givenan office two doors down

from the Oval is somethingthat should scare everybody.

Even the honey badger is like,"I don't give a (bleep).

"Wait, wait,Trump's appointing that guy?


A man who, at best,is a white supremacist enabler

has just been named chiefstrategist to the president.

These are definitelynot good times.

WOOD:No, (bleep) that, Trevor.

This is great, man!This is great.

Oh, hey, uh, Roy Wood Jr.,everyone.

-I-I didn't see you. -Yeah.-(cheering and applause)

-I, uh...-I just got here.

I was so focused on that,I, uh...

I snuck up... snuck up on youlike a Trump victory.

Yeah, and-and Nate Silverdidn't even warn me.

Uh, so Steve Bannonreally doesn't bother you?

Hell no.

Trump and Bannon,they're-they're not like

other Republicans, man.

They're not hiding their racismbehind voter I.D.

or stop-and-frisk policies.It's out in the open now.

Finally, Klan members won't needto hide their face.

They're just gonna be runningaround, "I'm loud,

and I'm proud, mother(bleep)."

Okay, Roy, I...Forgive me, I'm so confused.

C-Confused? Why?What are you confused about?

It's not like this wasa surprise.

You should have known somethingwas up when Ben Carson left.

Hell, he saw Steve Bannonand got out of the White House

like a black dudein a horror movie.

Omarosa next.

Look, I don't understand.I don't understand

why having a white nationalistin the White House

could possibly be a good thing.

Because we live in a countrywhere people don't even want

to admit that racism is a thing.

Now we're cutting to the chase,

and we know who's chasing who.

Now, instead of tryingto expose hidden racism,

it's on display for everyoneto see.

And that's easier (bleep)to deal with.

Damn, I'm...I never thought of it like that.

Yeah, it's likethe highest level of honesty.

Like, this is "a stripperat the end of a lap dance" level

of honesty.

You know, when that music stops,they get honest as hell.

And you'll be like,"I-I thought you liked me."

"I didwhen you was making it rain."

This is the situationwe're in, Trevor.

By electing Trump,America bought a ticket

on the racism train.

So, hell, we might as well takethe express.

Wow. Thanks.Roy Wood Jr., everyone.

-Never thought of it like that.-(cheering and applause)

That's a good point.

You know, right-right now,right now,

people may feel helpless,because, clearly,

Trump is unshamable.And so is Bannon.

So no matter how much noiseyou make about this appointment,

there's a good chancethat they don't give a (bleep).

I'll tell you who we shouldn'tforget about-- these two guys.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell,the Republican leaders

who never had the spineto stand up to Team Trump.

This is Senate Majority LeaderMcConnell

who is being asked whetherhe thinks it's appropriate

for Steve Bannon to have the earof the president.

It's greatto see you guys today.

MAN: All right, that'll do it.Thank you.


I'm sorry. That's... that's notthe response of a moral leader.

That's someone'sgrandpa doing, like,

a really (bleep)mannequin challenge.

(hip-hop music playing)


-(laughter)-Oh, and by the way, by the way,

let's not forgetspineless speaker Paul Ryan,

who, when asked about Bannon,

the man who has been running hisparty's presidential campaign,

this is what he had to say.

No, I don't have... I don't...I've never met the guy.

I don't know Steve Bannonso I have no concerns.

I-I believe...I trust Donald's judgment.

I think he's gonna pick whohe thinks will best serve him.

-Get the (bleep) out of here,man. -(applause and cheering)

You trustDonald Trump's judgment?

You trust Donald Trump'sjudgment? Since when?

Donald Trump.Will you support him?

I'm not just not readyto do that at this point.

I do not think a Muslim ban isin our country's interest.

Claiming a person can't do theirjob because of their race is

sort of like the textbookdefinition of a racist comment.

I disavow these comments.

WOMAN: House Speaker Paul Ryan

wished Trump would drop out of the race.

MAN: Ryan told Republican lawmakers on a conference call

that he will not campaign for Trump,

he will not defend Trump during the home stretch.

Shame on you, Paul Ryan. Shame.

I'm embarrassed to be in the

my-last-name-is-a-first nameclub with you.

-I'm embarrassed.-(laughter)

And I guess we know now,

when it comesto putting his country first,

Paul Ryan,well, he don't give a (bleep).