Congress Overrides President Obama's 9/11 Veto

October 3, 2016 - James Marsden 10/03/2016 Views: 70,167

President Obama receives his first veto override when Congress votes to allow American families affected by 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia. (4:09)

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Now, now, if you've been able tosift through the massive amounts

of Trump trash in the news,

then you might have hearda little something about this.

A historic moment todayin our nation's capital.

Congress handing President Obamaa stinging defeat,

overriding his veto.

The battle concerning a bill

that would allow 9/11 familymembers to sue Saudi Arabia

for an alleged rolein those attacks.

WOMAN: It is the first time he's ever had one

of his vetoes reversed during his presidency.

Oh, man, that must suckfor President Obama.

He vetoed it, they overrode it.

Congress put his thing down,flipped it and reversed it.

-Is your fliminithafang yang? -(laughter)

Is your fliminitha fang yang?

Now, you might be wondering whyPresident Obama is trying

to protect Saudi Arabiafrom being sued by 9/11 victims.

You know, is it becausehe's a secret Muslim?

-Well, yes, but...(laughter)

Obama also objected because

this international lawsuit billmight come back

to bite America in the ass.

You see, most major countriesoperate

under a principle called"sovereign immunity,"

which prevents private parties,

like families,from suing other countries.

For example, it's the reason

people in Nagasakicouldn't sue America

for dropping the nuclear bomb,all right?

It's he same reason Americancitizens couldn't sue England

-for sending them Piers Morgan,you know? -(laughter)

You get what I'm saying.You get what I'm saying.


So, by overriding Obama's veto,Congress has opened the door

to letting other country'scitizens sue Americans

in their courts.

But, I mean, look,that's only an issue for America

if America had ever donesomething wrong

-anywhere in the world, right?-(laughter)

And, apparently, America might have done something wrong.

Yeah. Because right afterthey had voted

to override Obama's veto,

28 senators then came outsuggesting

that maybethis wasn't such a good idea,

even thoughthey had voted for it twice.

Now you might be going,"Oh, that's so strange, Trevor.

"I don't understand. Why wouldthey vote to override the thing

and then go back against it?"

Because it's not aboutwhat they feel.

It's about what they want peopleto think they feel.

They're not doing thisto be good people.

They just don't wantto be the guys

who voted against the 9/11 bill.

Who were the only twowho voted against it?

Obama, basically, and one othersenator who's retiring.

It's all about being reelected.

Everyone has their excuses.

And Senate Majority LeaderMitch McConnell--

he had the (bleep) excuse ever.

Nobody really had focusedon the potential downside

in terms of our internationalrelationships.

And I thinkit was just a ball dropped.

I wish the president...

You know, I hate to blameeverything on him, and I don't,

but it would have been helpfulhad he, uh...

we had a discussion about thismuch earlier than last week.

Blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

-(laughter) -Blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah.

You know, for a guywho claims to hate...

uh, to blame everythingon Obama,

he sure seems to blameeverything on Obama, you know?

Like he's in bed with his wife,

and she's like,"Don't worry, honey.

It happens to lots of guys."

He's like, "It's not me!It's Obama!"

-(laughter)-"It's Obama!

-It's not me! It's Obama!"-(applause)

And she's like "Oh,you're thinking of him, too?"

(laughter and groaning)


That's whatMitch McConnell is saying.

He wouldn't have madethe same decision

if only Obama had warned him.

If only Obama had warned anyone.

Like, maybeif he had done it on TV,

back in April,with Charlie Rose.

If we are in a situation

where we're suddenly beinghauled into various courts,

because of the claim

that some individualshave been harmed,

then that will tie us up,

and it could harm U.S.servicemen, U.S. diplomats,

a whole bunch of stuff.

There's Obama on TV!

You don't get a bigger warningthan that!

Actually, wait. I'm wrong.

There was a bigger warningthan that.

It's the factthat he vetoed the (bleep) bill!

-He vetoed the bill!-(applause and cheering)

That's the warning!

How do you not see this?!

You're like Moses standingat the parting of the Red Sea,

going, "If only we had a signfrom God." -(laughter)

"If only there was a sign!"